General questions

  • 1. What are the PHYTO products made of?

    PHYTO and its team of researchers chose and identify the parts of plants that contain the highest concentration of active ingredients. A PHYTO formula can combine up to 40 plant and essential oil extracts in itself.

    Each product is formulated with the correct concentration of botanical extracts in order to precisely satisfy the needs of each type of hair. For PHYTO, environmentalism is not just a fad but a strongly assumed position since its creation over 40 years ago.

  • 2. Why are the PHYTO shampoos in aluminium bottles?

    In line with our environmental awareness, our products are packed in aluminium and glass in order to reduce the use of preservatives. These elements can be recycled.

  • 3. Are the PHYTO products tested on animals?

    We do not use animal-testing. We use new alternative methods recommended by our toxicology expert  They are chosen case by case according to the type of product.

  • 4. Can I receive some PHYTO samples?

    We do not send samples of our products.

    If you would like to try some of our products, our points of sales can correctly advise you: Pharmacies, drugstores, department stores, beauty and health shops, parashops.

  • 5. How can I choose between the whole PHYTO range?

    Phyto offers a wide range of shampoos. To find the one best suited for your type of hair, click the link.

  • 6. What's the difference between a mask and a conditioner?

    A mask is very rich. It hydrates, nourishes and regenerates the hair fibre deep down. It has to be left on hair to act; the time needed depends on the thickness and porosity of your hair. Our PHYTOBAUME conditioners are express beauty-enhancing products that instantly detangle hair. It does not have to be left on.

  • 7. Is there a PHYTO sun care range?

    Yes, we do have a sun care range. The ultra protection hair oil in our PHYTOPLAGE range is ideal to protect, hydrate and nourish your hair!

  • 8. What is the difference between the various anti-thinning hair products (PHYTOLIUM 4, PHYTOCYANE, PHYTOSTIM)?

    PHYTOLIUM 4 concerns chronic and severe thinning hair in men. Formulated with botanical stem cells, it helps prolong the life of hair. It restores density to the hair mass and accelerates growth (2 / 3 times per week for 3 months).

    PHYTOCYANE concerns female-pattern temporary, occassional thinning hair (stress, fatigue, diet, pregnancy). It helps stimulate hair growth and delay the appearance of gray hair.

    PHYTOSTIM Fortifiant : Fortifying: this product helps prevent incipient thinning hair and is used to maintain the results of a treatment for severe thinning hair. Can be used throughout the year.

    PHYTOPHANERE is a anti-thinning hair dietary supplement (2 capsules per day for 3 months). It strengthens hair and nails.